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A probation or parole violation could result in you being placed in jail. Many such violations come about due to misunderstandings concerning probationary conditions. The time limitations when it comes to responding to probation or parole violations can be extremely short. Therefore, you may need immediate legal advice and representation. The lawyers at the Law Offices of David C. Keegan make themselves available to you when a probation violation is alleged. The attorneys can be reached for appointments after hours and on weekends.

David and Mikkel bring compassionate understanding to your particular case. They are good listeners who will make you feel more assured by providing a knowledgeable and realistic assessment about your situation.

Working With Law Enforcement Authorities.

Located in Duluth, they have a good working relationship with police and sheriff department staffs in the Twin Ports and entire Arrowhead region. Besides St. Louis County, we’ve routinely dealt with Minnesota law enforcement officials in Cook, Lake, Itasca, Aitkin, Hubbard, Lake of the Woods and Pine counties. We also regularly deal with Wisconsin law enforcement agencies in Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, Washburn and Burnett counties.

Our ability to communicate with law enforcement officers and officials has made it possible for us to clear up misunderstandings and reduce the consequences of unintentional violations of probation terms. We believe we are respected by these authorities due to our long-term experience and professional approach to criminal law matters.

Wisconsin Probationary Cases

The rules in Wisconsin when it comes to probation and parole differ from those in Minnesota in many respects. Judges will not necessarily be involved in these proceedings. It’s therefore important to have an attorney with good communication skills who can work with law enforcement, probation officers and parole and correction authorities.

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